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Nov 29, 2021
In Fashion Forum
As consumers, most of us have had some exposure to a mobile PEWS system while either shopping at a retail store, or dining at a restaurant or decesion maker email list quick serve establishment. Many restaurant servers now come to the table equipped with a mobile or hand-held device for order taking instead of the traditional decesion maker email list order pad and pencil, with the completed table order automatically going to the kitchen, and the server quickly moving on to the next table. In many retail stores, clerks now walk the sales floor with a mobile decesion maker email list PEWS device for line busting to quickly check out customers standing in long lines and get them on their way faster. This not only speeds check out time and increases customer satisfaction, but also reduces the potential for losing a customer. Healthcare retail decesion maker email list offers many opportunities where a mobile PEWS solution can provide added convenience to employees and guests, expand the functionality already present in a traditional PEWS system, and greatly decesion maker email list improve operational efficiency with cost saving results. Take for example the hospital cafeteria with traditional PEWS terminals situated in the check-out lanes, and additional decesion maker email list outdoor seating that opens when the weather permits. Rather than routing patrons through the check-out lanes to pay for food and beverages before seating themselves outside, mobility allows the decesion maker email list transaction to be performed at table side giving the employee or guest more time to enjoy their meal and dining experience, or possibly prevent the loss of a customer. With a traditional PEWS system in place, decesion maker email list the cafeteria menu may be broadcaster to the decesion maker email list mobile device with detailed sales data rolling into a central data base for reporting and informed decision-making.
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